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  ● The Orphan of Zhao
Black & White Drama Society, Zhejiang University
- 時間:3月19日(二) 19:00-21:00
- 地點:藝文中心三樓視聽館
- 主辦單位:藝文中心
- 合辦單位:本校國際合作事務處
- 演出團體:浙江大學黑白劇社

  Time: Tuesday, March 19, from 19:00 to 21:00
Audiovisual Theater on the 3rd floor of the Art & Culture Center
The Organizer: Art & Culture Center
The Co-Organizer: Office of International Cooperation
Performer: Black & White Drama Society, Zhejiang University


這是一齣交織著忠義與誠信,復仇與殺戮的驚心動魄的悲劇,極富感染力,被稱為中國文學史上的《哈姆雷特》。該劇早在六百多年的元朝便被搬上舞臺,此後不斷被改編為其它劇種,如京劇、豫劇、越劇、秦腔、話劇、等等,在民間家喻戶曉,其魅力經久不衰。 黑白劇社的《趙氏孤兒》,是綜合參考史實和各劇種不同版本改編創作而成的,不僅再現了這段盪氣迴腸的古典傳奇,更從今日的視角提出了新的思考,也帶給觀眾更多的反思。本劇2008年正式展開創作,2009年在校內外演出十餘場,大獲好評。

The original text of The Orphan of Zhao is a famous legend in Chinese history, and first appeared in "The House of Zhao," Record of the Grand Historian. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Zhao Dun, an officer of the Jin Kingdom, and his family had been honest and upright people. However, they were framed. The King of Jin chose to believe slander and ordered guards to persecute the Zhao's family. All in the Zhao family were killed except for the wife of Zhuang Ji, Zhao Shuo's wife. She was pregnant and gave birth to a baby. Cheng Ying, the helper in Zhao's family risked his life to save the baby to continue Zhao's bloodline. Many loyal people were sacrificed in this incident. Cheng Ying endured the shame and raised the baby, hoping he would take revenge when he grew up.

This is a story about loyalty, sincerity, and faith, and the thriller of revenge and slaughter. Being very touching, it is known as the Hamlet of Chinese literary history. The play was dramatized in the Yuan Dynasty about six hundred years ago. It had been adapted into different means of performances since then, such as Beijing opera, Henan opera, Shaoxing opera, Qinqiang, drama, and more. Widely known among the people, it remains popular over the past centuries. The Orphan of Zhao performed by the Black and White Drama Society makes references to the historic facts and other versions of plays. It revives not only the charm of this classical legend but also proposes new thinking of the incident, provoking the audience to ponder. The playwright began to write this play in 2008. In 2009, it was performed for more than ten times in the university, earning high acclaim.




● Brief on Black & White Drama Society, Zhejiang University

Called the "Black and White Drama Society," it was a student's literary society founded in 1937.

As an amateur performing group, the Black and White Drama Society has insisted on performing with sincerity in order to educate the people, bringing diverse culture to the campus and promoting university students' taste in drama. Now, the society has written about 50 plays of different length and experimental works. With the experience of performing more than 100 plays, it is an exemplar of school drama society


  1. 網路報名:於活動前3週之週一起開放本校聯合報名系統登錄報名,報名狀態為「確認」者,於活動當日依到場順序入場,開演前15分鐘起視同現場候補,必須移往候補區排隊入場。(主辦單位保留時間彈性調整權)
  2. 本場次設置尊長睦鄰之「藝享專案」,保留20個席次供校外年長或不慣使用網路報名者以電話或電子郵件方式進行報名。(02-2939-3091轉63392或E-mail to artist@nccu.edu.tw)。最遲必須於公告開演前15分鐘抵達入場隊伍;逾時者視同遲到,必須改至後補區排隊入場。
  3. 現場候補:依據現場實際出席狀況,開放現場候補進場名額,席滿為止。
  • 預計前半小時開放進場,實際情形將視現場情況調整。
  • 場外設有「年長者與本校師長等候入場區」;非憑票入場之場次保留部分前排席次為師長席,保留至節目開演前10分鐘,之後開放已入場觀眾自由遞補。
  • 全程參與之校內公務人員/學生,可登錄終身學習紀錄2小時/全人系統活動紀錄2小時。(請於散場時於會場外刷卡或紙本簽名認證)
  • 為尊重演出者及維護場內觀眾權益,活動中請配合工作人員進出場控管。
  • 各場次禁止飲食、攝影、照相或錄音。
  • 適合觀賞年齡:7歲以上。觀眾請務必遵守本中心規定,如有干擾演出秩序之行為,本中心得請其
Guidelines for attending activities of the Art & Culture Center Registration:

  1. Online registration: Registration is available at the university's joint registration system on the Monday three weeks before the event. Those who have attained confirm status for registration may enter the venue after their admissions are inspected in the order of arrival during event day. Fifteen minutes before the start of the performance is considered as standby.
  2. The auditorium has prepared an "Art Special Reserve" scheme in the "Performance Series." In each show, there will be 20 seats reserved for elderly people or people that cannot apply online outside the campus to request tickets through telephone or email (please call 02-2939-3091 ext. 63392 or e-mail artist@nccu.edu.tw). The applicants that have applied by the previous two methods should arrive at the auditorium and queue at the confirmed area 15 minutes prior to the commencement of each show. For latecomers, they are requested to queue in the standby area.
  3. Standby Vacancies: In addition to the reserved seats, standby vacancies may become available depending on the number of no-shows from online registration. Fifteen minutes before the performance begins, audiences will be admitted in the order of the standby queue until the seating is full.
  • Admission will be permitted one half hour before the opening of the performance; adjustments may be necessary depending on the actual circumstances. In each show, there is an "elderly, faculty, and staff waiting area." For free shows, the seats in the front row will be reserved for faculty and staff until 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the shows. Then, those seats will be opened to the public.
  • NCCU staff members who attend all film screenings can enter 2 hours to their life-long learning record. Students who attend all films can enter 2 hours to their holistic system record.
  • Latecomers or anyone leaving the performance in session will have to wait until the proper break be readmitted.
  • Eating、photographing or Recording are not allowed during the performance.
  • The performance is suitable for all those above the age of seven. The audience shall abide by the regulations of the Center. Those who fail to follow the regulations during the concert will be requested to leave.
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